Research Updates

Intense research over many years backed up by clinical studies in a whole variety of areas of biology and medicine has brought about revolutionary changes to treatment for many cancers including leukaemia. Knowledge and understanding in a whole variety of disciplines ranging from genetics to drug design have all collectively made their unique contribution.  Treatment success rates have likewise increased whilst harmful drug-related side effects from treatment have declined. However, there are still cancers and types of leukaemia that defy the therapies that are currently available. The research process thus continues at a pace until these stubborn cancers are also defeated.

One very promising area of research that is being pursued by our funded laboratory deals with understanding how to improve the efficiency with which drugs are selectively delivered only to the target leukaemia cells in the patients body. This vital area promises to deliver major improvements to treatment success rates whilst at the same time reducing side effects. The ultimate aim is to ensure that leukaemia and other blood-related cancers are readily cured with new treatments that are safe and yet highly effective. By supporting Leukaemia Busters’ funded research work you can play a part in helping us to realise this ambition.  

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It is important to understand how various antibody treatments kill the target leukaemia cell.  Our recent experiments track the entry of therapeutic antibodies from the leukaemia cell surface (shown above left with green staining) to the cell interior (shown above right with yellow staining)   Blue staining marks the cell nucleus and red the location of transport vesicles within the cell.