How we spend your money


We are very proud at Leukaemia Busters that only three pence of every pound donated is spent on administration. That means that a whopping ninety seven pence of every pound donated goes directly to our research projects making Leukaemia Busters amongst the most efficient of charities that spend their money wisely and effectively.

So, how do we spend the money you donate? Here’s how.

It costs the charity about £700 per day to fund our flagship laboratory, The Simon Flavell Leukaemia Research Laboratory, at Southampton General Hospital. To ensure success in the laboratory’s research endeavors we hire only the very best laboratory researchers and doctors and that comes at a price. The skills, knowledge and know-how of our dedicated scientists are absolutely vital to the success of our work. Cutting costs here is not an option if we are to succeed in the important research quest.


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