Donation from Greyhound House

On March 2nd David Flavell made a visit to the Stroud School in Romsey.  During their afternoon assembly the pupils of Greyhouse House made Dr Flavell an honorary member of their House and also presented him with a cheque for £671.94 which they have raised for Leukaemia Busters so far this year.  They are continuing their fundraising efforts for the rest of the year and hope to be able to present another big cheque to the charity in July.  

Dr Flavell had an enjoyable time at Stroud School with the pupils and their teacher James Brett.  The children had chosen Leukaemia Busters to receive the donation as one of their other teachers’ sons had leukaemia and Dr Flavell was able to tell them more about the disease and about Leukaemia Busters’ research into treatments for it. Some of the children will be visiting the Simon Flavell Research Laboratory later in the year to see the research in progress for themselves.  

UPDATE – January 2016

Greyhound house have now sent Leukaemia Busters a cheque for £1000 which brings the total raised to £2653.83 following a cheque for £945.34 received in September 2015.

A big thank you goes to all the pupils of Greyhound House – well done!