Gift Aid Your Donation

Make your donations go further

The Government operates a scheme called Gift Aid that allows charities to claim the basic rate tax on every pound donated.

So if you donated £100 to Leukaemia Busters, it means that you’ll actually be giving us at least £125!

Giving under Gift Aid means that so much more money can be raised at no extra cost to our donors.

Gift Aid – the facts

  • For individuals, the Gift Aid rules require the completion of a Gift Aid Declaration Form. This provides us with the minimum information required for us to be able to claim Gift Aid on a donation.
  • Gift Aid can be claimed on individual and sponsorship donations that are made to Leukaemia Busters.
  • Gift Aid applies only to ‘gifts’. That means we can’t use Gift Aid to boost fundraising totals on activities where people have been charged an entry fee or have entered a competition.
  • To ensure that the Gift Aid claim is valid, meaning we can claim the money back, it’s vitally important that all the information asked for on the Gift Aid Declaration Form is provided.
  • You don’t necessarily have to be working to be paying tax, the tax you’ve paid could include; tax deducted at source from savings interest, tax on State Pension and/or other pensions, tax on investment or rental income and Capital Gains Tax on gains.
  • Make sure you’ve paid enough tax to use Gift Aid. To work out if you’ve paid enough tax to cover your donations, divide the donation value by four. For example, if you give £100 in a particular tax year you will need to have paid a minimum of £25 tax over that period (£100/4 = £25). (Note that this calculation is based on the basic rate tax of 20%).
  • If you are eligible for Gift Aid please click on this link, complete the form and send it to us with any donation you wish to make. See the Calculator below to illustrate how much Gift Aid is worth to us on your donation.


Gift Aid calculator

This calculator will work out your donation plus 25% from Gift Aid.

Please enter the amount you would like to donate in the box below


With your donation plus Gift Aid Leukaemia Busters will receive the total sum of: