Hampshire Motocross Club Charity Event

The 10th round of the Hampshire Motocross Championship and annual charity event in support of Leukaemia Busters was scheduled to take place on Sunday 26th July but sadly the weather defeated even the most hardy riders and the event had to be called off at lunch time.  Scott Redding, the MotoGP series rider, was the day’s special guest but was unable to take part in a display ride due to the depth of the mud on the track!  


Despite the weather the charity auction still took place and the organisers have so far donated nearly £7000 to Leukaemia Busters from the event.  

The Motocross Club have been supporters of Leukaemia Busters for many years now and have raised over £300,000 to fund the charity’s research. We are very grateful to the Motocross Club for their continuing support in organising this event every year.