Leave us a lasting legacy that will go on working to save lives long after you’ve gone and we will commit to being the best possible guardian of your legacy and work as hard as we can for so long as it takes to beat leukaemia. Leaving a legacy to support Leukaemia Busters will help us to fund research that could lead to important breakthroughs that will ultimately allow more people to survive longer and even go on to lead normal healthy lives.

Within a lifetime enormous progress has been made in the treatment of childhood and adult leukaemia. The diagnosis of leukaemia forty years ago was a virtual death sentence, now three quarters of children are cured. Similar, though less dramatic progress has also been made with forms of adult leukaemia. This remarkable progress has come about as a direct result of laboratory and clinical research conducted over many years by scientists and doctors working together. Leukaemia Busters’ funded research receives no government support and relies entirely on public donations. The work is conducted only with the good of the patient in mind without any profit motive and for every £1 donated 97p goes towards the research and .03p is spent on administration.

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 We depend upon your donations and legacies