Donate in Memory

Create an Online Tribute in Memory of a Loved One

  • Visit the Muchloved website and create your own memorial page where you and all your loved one’s family and friends can post their memories, light candles and donate to Leukaemia Busters



  • Visit the Memory Giving website and set up a page commemorating the life of your loved one personalised with stories and photos. This page can be shared with family and friends while raising money to support Leukaemia Busters’ funded research.

Donate the Proceeds of a Funerary Collection to Leukaemia Busters via Your Chosen Funeral Director

  • Simply speak to your Funeral Director and ask that the proceeds of the closing collection be donated to Leukaemia Busters in memory of your loved one.  They will then take care of all the details necessary for this.  We can supply them with Gift Aid envelopes and any other information they may require.  If they have any queries then can contact us at: or 023 8077 5590.
  • Alternatively your Funeral Directors can use Memory Giving to take donations to Leukaemia Busters in the name of your loved one.  This enables those who wish to give to donate online using credit and debit cards.  Leukaemia Busters is listed with Memory Giving as a registered charity.




 We depend upon your donations and legacies