This book will be the story of Leukaemia Busters written by the charity’s Director and co-founder Dr David J Flavell to commemorate 28 years since the charity’s founding in 1989. The story will take you on a journey that will evoke every human emotion. It will, in parts, make your spine tingle, bring tears to your eyes; make you smile in wonder and frown in indignant disbelief.

Contained within this little tome is the sometimes intricate, often intriguing and always intimate story of Leukaemia Busters seen through my eyes as I lived the experience. When I first began writing this account it was my intention to tell this as a simple progression of events, expecting to make the occasional reference to my late ten year old son Simon and his contribution to the formation of the charity. Then I began the writing process and almost immediately, something that I already really knew became glaringly obvious…

The book is still in the writing and editorial stages but you can read a synopsis of the book now by clicking below.


To pre-order your copy of the complete book please email us here quoting Tragedy and Joy in your email subject. The book will be lavishly illustrated from our 28 year archive of photographs. We expect copies to sell for between £10 and £15. All proceeds from book sales will go directly into the charity’s general fund to support our life saving research.