5th August 2020 – The Time has Come!

Please Help Rescue Leukaemia Busters

Leukaemia Busters, along with the majority of charities supporting good causes has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Our income has dwindled to a tiny proportion of what it needs to be to fully support our work.  With our research laboratories now beginning to partially open up once again the time has come to attempt to restore at least some of that income to support our life saving research. Read on to see how you can personally help us to recover.

Many of the larger charities have put their considerable resources behind organising virtual fundraising events and advertising on social media platforms and have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds that way during lockdown. Alas we don’t have the resources of the big national charities and will have to rely largely on you to organize yourselves to raise funds. That said we can provide you with the necessary online tools to raise sponsorship money and enjoy yourself at the same time. We are launching two virtual fundraising events that you can safely participate in and thereby personally help us to get our research work back on track. Please read on if you would like to help.

The Prudential Ride London Cycling Event 15-16 August

We are teaming up with the Prudential Ride London Cycling Event, specially redesigned and promoted  to provide help and assistance to struggling charities during the pandemic. Don’t be fooled by London in the name, this is an event where you can cycle anywhere you like raising sponsorship money for Leukaemia Busters along the way. You might even choose to spin your wheels on a static cycling machine, it’s entirely up to you. If you are interested in participating or want to learn more click here.

A Virtual Purbeck Odyssey Walk 29-30 August

Whenever you want and wherever you are this event is for you!

For twenty years our Purbeck walks have been highly popular with everyone and a resounding success for Leukaemia Busters. Alas this year because of coronavirus the event had to be shelved.  We are therefore proposing to organize a virtual Purbeck Odyssey walk that you can participate in wherever you are and in whatever way you like. Walk the same walks we organized in the past, 2, 7, 12, 19 and 26 miles or whatever distance you chose either in your home territory or any other place of your choosing. That place might include the beautiful coastline of Purbeck itself or any other favorite beauty spot in the country. If you are interested in participating or want to learn more click here.

Thank You for your help

Whatever you decide to do to help us at this time, know that we are forever grateful for your support in any way you decide is best for you. In these uncertain times for all of us we must always look forward with optimism keeping in mind the importance of maintaining normality that will surely return in the months and years that lie ahead and follow our advice on the trinity of coronavirus mitigation; wash hands, mask up and socially distance.

Celebrate completing your challenge with your certificate/mask

You did it!

Certificates showing that you have participated and completed one of these events will be sent to you.

A free, reusable/washable high quality four layered face mask will be given to each participant as detailed in each event.

Reusable 4-layer face mask that protects* against droplet infection
* Protective value increase if instructions are followed. Does not provide 100% protection

Thank you for following our blogs and for your support during these extremely difficult times for all of us. 

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