13th April 2020 – We Must be on the Guard Against Dangerous Unproven Medicines for COVID-19


A Blog by Dr David J Flavell PhD FRCPath
Charity & Scientific Director of Leukaemia Busters

13th April 2020

Danger Signals

I was deeply concerned to read in today’s Times newspaper that some practitioners of homeopathic medicine are selling remedies that claim to protect against or cure COVID-19  READ THE TIMES LEADING ARTICLE.


Let us be clear, there are currently no proven treatments to protect against or cure COVID-19 at this present time, only drugs and vaccines currently in development through the concerted efforts of real scientists that ultimately will save the day through meticulously conducted genuine science.

In the meanwhile the peddling of untested, unproven treatments by those who make miraculous claims for money is exceptionally dangerous and will give some individuals who buy into this, a false sense of security.

Don’t be Fooled!

The danger here is that ineffective “medicines” could help further the spread of the virus in the community through changes this is likely to have on social distancing and mingling with the crowd practiced by those who wrongly believe in and then take such “medicines”.

Do not be taken in by false claims, stick with evidence-based medicine and real science that we know works for sure and which has served us exceptionally well in modern medicine, time after time.

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