Skydive in Memory of Jack Bullen

Ellen and Darren Smith’s Uncle Jack was scared of heights so when they decided to raise funds for Leukaemia Busters in his memory the best way seemed to be to overcome his (and Darren’s) fear and skydive over Old Sarum.    Having been joined in this exploit by Ellen’s friend Luke Weston, they arrived at GoSkydive early on the 30th June only to find that the heatwave had produced thick fog so jumping was delayed.    However, once the fog burnt off the jumping programme started and all three of them jumped successfully, Luke taking the plunge from 15,000ft and Ellen and Darren from 10,000ft.

The trio wore T-shirts commemorating Uncle Jack who passed away on December 16th 2016 from leukaemia.

Our thanks go to all three skydivers and their generous sponsors for raising nearly £1,500 for Leukaemia Busters.

Pictured below are Ellen Luke and Darren.

Ellens Skydive 2