8th June 2020 – Today’s blog is to say thank you to the charity’s supporters who have stood by us throughout the lockdown period.

A Blog by Dr David J Flavell PhD FRCPath & Dr Sopsamorn (Bee) Flavell BSc PhD
Scientific Directors of Leukaemia Busters

8th June 2020

A Tribute to Our Supporters

Despite all the difficulties that lockdown has brought, many of our supporters have continued to fundraise and continued donating to Leukaemia Busters. This short blog is to simply say a heartfelt thank you to them and to everyone who has sent messages of support and expressed their concern for the wellbeing of the charity.

We are not alone, many charities around the UK and indeed the world have suffered serious financial losses over the past three months or more. Sadly we have had to postpone a number of events because of the coronavirus pandemic including our ever popular annual Purbeck Odyssey walk and our 30th anniversary “Pearls of Progress” gala ball. Hopefully, if the pandemic is brought under control in time we will be reinstating at least these two important events in our calendar  for next year.

Thank you!

Then there are also supporters who have continued to donate and fundraise for us during the period of lockdown and we thank each of every one of these for their efforts that have help keep us afloat at a time when our income has plummeted. These are the Captain Tom-types who put aside any personal difficulties and just get on with the job selflessly.

Amazing Andy!


Most notable of these for us at Leukaemia Busters is fireman Andy Piller who in memory of his best friend “RJ” Williams who died of acute myeloid leukaemia in 2010 completed his 40th Marathon/half Marathon last week, something he achieved in just 52 weeks despite the lockdown. Click here to further your support for his amazing challenge.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg because during the time since “RJ” passed away, Andy has also organised an annual “RJ” memorial golf day and undertaken a number of gruelling Iron Man events, exceeding his £40,000 target before his 40th birthday. We have created a special dedicated fundraising page on our website to applaud Andy and tell the story behind his amazing fundraising achievements. Click here to read more about Andy’s fundraising adventures over the ten year period.

Simon Flavell – The Boy Who Gave Leukaemia Busters its Name & Logo (12th May 1980 – 8th June 1990)

It is 30 years today since 10 year old Simon Flavell, the boy who was central to the formation of  Leukaemia Busters lost his two year fight against the leukaemia that took his life. Simon was of course also our son and it was his strength and determination to try to beat the disease that gave us the energy and determination to push ahead relentlessly with Leukaemia Busters research efforts, becoming the first organisation in Britain to treat children with relapsed leukaemia with an antibody-based drug developed in the laboratory at Southampton General Hospital that bears his name. Click here to read more about Leukaemia Busters’s 30th anniversary and our achievements.

Saving Young Lives Through Research

Much has happened over the 30 years that have elapsed since Simon’s death, with cure rates for the most common form of childhood leukaemia now close to ninety percent. This isn’t a panacea however, the toxic chemotherapy treatment still carries its dangers and long term detrimental effects with a proportion of patients still relapsing and becoming resistant to existing treatments. Research therefore continues to devise new, safer and gentler treatments that will also cure more but without the detrimental long term side effects associated with today’s chemotherapy. long after COVID-19 has disappeared from our lives, leukaemia will still remain a medical problem that needs addressing and solving once and for all. Thank you to all of you who, by supporting Leukaemia Busters also share this vision.


Thank you for following our blogs and for your support during these extremely difficult times for all of us. 

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