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Our Scientific Director Explains

Our Scientific Director Dr. David Flavell explains about the life saving research work being funded by Leukaemia Busters.

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Leukaemia Busters Research

Leukaemia Busters scientists are at the cutting edge of researching the various ways in which antibody-based drugs kill leukaemia and lymphoma cells. Understanding these processes will give important insights into how antibodies can be used with maximum benefit for the treatment of patients with these diseases.

Antibodies are highly specialised proteins produced by a class of white blood cells called lymphocytes. Antibodies are released into the bloodstream by lymphocytes and from there bathe all our organs and tissues thus protecting them and us against infection by microbes. One unique property of antibodies is that they are able to recognize and attach to specific molecules (termed antigens) on microbes, viruses, parasites thereby destroying them.

Leukaemia Busters led research is aimed at utilising antibodies and learning how to most effectively turning them into killer weapons against leukaemia and lymphoma cells. Because antibodies only kill the cells they are aimed against, normal cells in the patient’s body remain unharmed and therefore the side effects as experienced with conventional chemotherapy are much reduced or even eliminated altogether.

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